Rodja Tröscher was born in 1978 in Berlin and after his A-levels specialised in interior architecture at the FH Düsseldorf. After an internship in film and media production he then began in 1997 a traineeship in media design for digital and print media. In 2000 he successfully passed the exam for the Cologne industry and chamber of commerce. Following on from this he worked for three years as a graphic designer and junior art director at a renowned advertising agency in Cologne. After a long stay abroad in Barcelona Rodja Tröscher began in 2003 an acting traineeship at an acting school in Hamburg which he successfully graduated with the ZAV state exam. Since then he has played diverse roles in film, television and theatre and has had further experiences in workshops with directors, casting agents and acting tutors. In 2012 Rodja Tröscher founded the production company RODIN PICTURES in Berlin with which he has gone on to produce three short films. His current film REBORN simultaneously acted as a trailer for a planned long film and has recently won three prizes in the USA.

Amongst others Rodja worked with Michael Ballhaus, Jurij Vassiljev, Mel Churcher, Mike Bernadin, Bernard Hiller, April Webster, Kristof Konrad, Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Larry Moss.